Cederquist strives to be at the forefront of organisational development in the legal industry, and to also offer our clients the best technical solutions. That is why we have developed and use a variety of digital services that enhance collaboration, efficiency, and superior delivery of our services.

In December 2020, Cederquist became the first law firm in Sweden to carry out a fully digital new share issue in cooperation with the Swedish technology company ZealiD . Since then, the use of qualified electronic signatures has become more common in the market, contributing to more secure and efficient legal administration.

In today’s market, demands are constantly changing and increasing, and with tight timeframes, new, efficient, and user-friendly ways of working become critical. Cederquist aims to be the best possible legal partner, and we have found that working proactively to develop and implement the best legal tools on the market is a business-critical matter. Through our innovation work, we want to make legal work easier - in the small matters, as well as in the larger projects.

Automated information management leads to higher quality advice

Reading through large volumes of contracts or other documents has historically been time-consuming and resource-intense. We use a variety of tools to facilitate the bulk management of large amounts of information so that our lawyers can focus more of their time on providing high-quality analysis and advice.

  • In 2021, together with Waymark, we implemented a platform that brings together financial regulatory insights and news in an easy-to-understand way, and also makes it easier to search for information which, in turn, enables better research and client service.
  • Together with Etain, we have developed a new digital tool to facilitate document management for contract signing and closings in real estate transactions. The tool creates a comprehensive source of information, which in turn contributes to greater qualitative management of the documents, a better overview and a more precise and swift communication.
  • Since 2017, we have been using Luminance, an AI tool that processes large volumes of contracts and documents. The tool allows our lawyers to review the material efficiently, and to work with smart searches and project management functions to collaborate in the best possible way. Any findings are reported immediately, and we can share our analysis and sources in real time with our client.
  • Large volumes of data are handled as evidence in litigation, increasing the need to automate and structure documents and references. To facilitate the handling of references to evidence and similar sources, we use digital pleadings with clickable links to all documents in the relevant case. Any new evidence can be added easily and all references and documentation are updated automatically.

Project management tools make it easy to track projects and processes

Efficient project management requires focus. To ensure that our clients have control of the process, we use digital tools in all our matters to optimise our delivery.

  • In 2021, we started implementing Eperoto, a tool for creating litigation trees and calculating probability in disputes.
  • We were one of the first law firms to start using the Legatics collaboration platform, a project management tool for financial market transactions.
  • Cederquist was the first firm in the Nordic region to implement StructureFlow, a tool that makes it possible for users to simplify and visualise complex legal processes. The diagrams in StructureFlow create a visual map and overview that make it easier for clients and other stakeholders to retrieve information.

For specific projects and transactions, we use digital platforms to set up a plan, timeline, and reporting. Using the platform, the client can easily follow the project, with a specific focus on who is responsible for what. Documents, questions, and data in the project are kept accessible to relevant people in data rooms.

Client portals improve collaboration with recurring clients

For recurring clients who have multiple matters with us, we offer portals to store documents and collaborate. The client portals provide our clients with a good overview of the work carried out and access to the latest version of any document. We offer portals with different features tailored to the client's needs. The following collaborations are possible:

  • document distribution of large quantities of documents
  • secure file transfer
  • templates and standardised documents
  • virtual data rooms
  • digital project management tools
  • cooperation areas
  • contact details
  • smooth editing and sharing of documents to a variety of involved parties
  • news feed

Organised templates make delivery more efficient

To create consistent, high-quality delivery of our services, we use a market-leading Knowledge Management system to organise our templates, samples and model documents.

  • We have automated our most standardised documents and forms to make them as easy as possible to use. We can make templates and model documents that could be relevant to the client available online.
  • We can carry out client-specific automation or template projects to tailor client templates or model documents. If necessary and following agreement with our client, we ensure that the documents are updated on an ongoing basis.
  • We use TrialDirector to help with presentations that involve negotiation as well as other information-heavy presentations.

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