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We understand the importance of balancing attention to detail with a commercial approach and view of the big picture.


With over 70 years in the industry and over 160 employees, Cederquist offers comprehensive expertise in all areas of business law. All our specialists work together under one roof, creating a sense of unity and an ability to effectively tackle the most complex matters in the industry with a strong personal commitment. We provide advice with an understanding of the big picture and context – yet you, as a client, can always feel confident that we know your matter inside out, down to the last detail.

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Building on our long-standing experience in the legal industry, we dare to seek out new paths to find the market’s best solutions at every point in time.


At Cederquist, we have an inquisitive approach to legal advice, as well as to innovative solutions and our client's business. In doing so, we are always able to find new paths through complex areas, and the very best solutions for you as a client. Our proactive and curious approach is probably also the reason our specialists consistently rank among Sweden's absolute best in their respective fields of expertise.

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By looking at challenges and solutions from different perspectives, we can offer rapid development and sustainable advice.


At Cederquist, we know that equilibrium is a vital key to delivering the very best advice. That means finding the right balance between detailed focus and a holistic, commercial perspective in our analysis, and between legal expertise and relationship building. It also defines the kind of workplace we want to create. To us, equality and diversity is a given, as it allows us to approach both challenges and solutions from different equally important angles.

We work actively to create a safe and sustainable working environment that promotes diversity. Would you like to know how?