Corporate Sustainability, Risk Management & Compliance

Companies within all sectors are facing increasingly complex challenges in terms of regulatory compliance and sustainability.

Never before have the risks associated with running a business been so many and so large, with failure to comply with regulations exposing companies to negative publicity and severe sanctions. The development of the law has resulted in a preventive approach with increasing corporate responsibility, where senior management is expected to work actively to prevent irregularities. Today, companies and organisations are under increasing pressure to ensure compliance not only with rules and regulations, but also ethical rules and internal guidelines.

We have deep insight into the increasingly tough requirements within sustainability, risk management and compliance, and we know how the various regulatory authorities think and act.  Based on our legal knowledge and passion for our clients’ business, we are able to provide them with the best possible strategic advice, risk assessments and investigations, as well as implementation and training on new regulations and policies for management of potential regulatory breach.

We can assist with global strategies and a compliance review of information management, as well as in drafting and implementing preventive compliance measures. This could involve, for example, the introduction of a whistle-blowing function, so that employees can report irregularities and actions that may harm the company.

Our experienced team includes specialists from various business law areas at Cederquist, which enabels us to offer a comprehensive range of services. Our clients include companies in diverse sectors and industries with varying needs and expectations. We provide innovative and solid advice with a focus on solutions that are tailored to clients’ needs and exceed their highest expectations. We always seek solutions that are sustainable, customised and commercial.

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