Foreign Direct Investments and Foreign Subsidies

Pre-screening of foreign direct investments and foreign subsidies are new regulatory aspects that may have a large impact on transactions, both domestic and cross-border, where, inter alia, strategies and timelines may be impacted in a new manner.

Our team helps you navigate this regulatory environment and the associated risk exposure that companies may face.

A changing regulatory landscape

Multiple jurisdictions, including Sweden, have recently either introduced or expanded their domestic legislation concerning foreign direct investments. Even if it may sound contradictory, also purely domestic transactions may fall within the scope of the rules, at least in Sweden.

More scrutiny from supervisory authorities

Considering the changing global environment, there is an increasing focus on these regulatory requirements and authorities are coordinating amongst themselves in their supervisory duties.

We advise clients with assessment of notification requirements and risks associated with the different regulatory frameworks and assist with notifications to the relevant supervisory authorities.

Concerning foreign direct investments, we assist clients in assessing notification requirements for different investments and assist in notifications of investments to the Swedish competent authority.

Concerning foreign subsidies, we assist clients in assessing notification requirements for a transaction or for participation in a public procurement as well as assisting in notification to the European Commission for transactions and public procurement as well as with declarations for public procurements.

Strong links with law firms in other jurisdictions

We provide a comprehensive project management responsibility and have good relationships with well reputed law firms in jurisdictions outside Sweden and the EU.

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