Outsourcing areas that do not constitute the core competence of an organisation has become widespread in all industries and segments today.

We advise our clients in all types of outsourcing transactions, e.g. BPO (”Business Process Outsourcing”), BTO (”Business Transformation Outsourcing”), information technology and  telecommunications, facilities management, logistics, distribution & transport, HR and financial services. 

Regardless of the type of skills outsourced by an organisation, the same critical considerations often arise. This may be the level of dependency on the supplier and how the dependency can be reduced through a favourable agreement, establishment of an interface between the outsourcing supplier on the one hand and the client and the client’s other suppliers on the other. Other key issues in outsourcing focus on the quality and price of the services, such as ensuring that the services meet expected service levels, and that these levels are clear and measurable, or ensuring that client benefits from the supplier’s economies of scale and ability to streamline services.

Our team has extensive experience of national and global outsourcing transactions. We regularly provide clients with strategic advice in matters such as these, in connection with procurement and drafting of terms of reference and in negotiation of complex outsourcing structures in a broad spectrum of areas. This may involve state and municipality outsourcing of functions that are vital to society (e.g. operation of hospitals or public transport) to outsourcing by private companies of operation of complex IT environments and critical business processes. This may include e.g. off-shoring of software development.

We have an in-depth understanding of the problems that may arise at each stage in the life-cycle of an outsourcing process and we help our clients predict these at an early stage. Where needed, we draw on the expertise of Cederquist’s other practice groups, e.g. Public ProcurementEmployment and Benefits and EU and Competition Law.

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