Personal Data & Information Security

Managing individuals’ data is an important part of the business of many companies – particularly when information management is the core of the business, but also when it is consequential.

The new European Data Protection Regulation and it’s harsh penalties increase the focus on personal privacy and information security issues in society and consequently companies will be subject to stringent requirements in relation to compliance with the new rules regarding personal data processing and information security.

Cederquist’s lawyers have extensive experience in advising on personal data and information security matters, both from a purely regulatory perspective and from a pragmatic and business oriented convenience perspective, i.e. how a company should act to avoid risks in data processing. We actively track the developments in the field of personal privacy in Sweden and Europe.

Our advice in relation to personal data and information security matters helps clients take concrete measures, e.g. identification of the legal requirements relevant to a certain type of business, audits/inventories to investigate whether the company’s processing of personal data and use of cookies complies with applicable regulations. We also provide hands-on assistance in drafting action plans and strategies to ensure that the business complies with applicable rules and creating internal processes for data processing and information security. We also draft documentation such as integrity policies, information texts, personal data assistant contracts, lists of personal data processing, etc., and training for the business and/or designated Data Protection Officers. 

Our lawyers also have extensive experience of assisting in connection with contacts with the Swedish Data Protection Authority (which supervises rules regarding personal data processing) and other European data protection authorities, and with the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (Post- och Telestyrelsen) (which supervises rules on cookies use).

In addition, we regularly advise on matters regarding personal data processing and information security e.g. in connection with procurement of cloud services or other IT services.

Cederquist’s lawyers work regularly with personal data and information security matters for clients in a wide range of industries, e.g. media, online commerce, finance, major member organisations, the travel industry, retail, online surveys, etc.

We provide pragmatic and business-oriented advice and create business advantages for our clients based on our extensive experience of privacy and information security matters.

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