Public Procurement

Our well-regarded public procurement practice group provides clear, concise and efficient legal advice.

Our advice primarily relates to the legally complex areas of bidding and procurement support, as well as contract law and dispute resolution. We strive to provide clear and useful advice that resolves legal issues and allows clients to focus on the business aspects. We advice suppliers and clients at all stages of public procurement, from the RFI stage and the drafting of terms of reference, the bidding negotiation to contract management. Suppliers usually retain us at an early stage of the procurement – often at the RFI stage – and we work closely with the client’s bidding team and management. We provide efficient support and ensure that the bid not only qualifies, but also has a business content that satisfies the evaluation criteria.

We are usually retained at an early stage by the client side to assist with activities such as selection of procurement form, drafting of requirements and the evaluation model, preparation of answers to questions and basis for decisions, and ensuring the legality of the procurement process.

Our services have a clearly strategic approach and we are often retained as a long-term cooperation partner by industry leaders. The service is designed to be adaptable according to the client’s needs and the complexity of the procurement. As a result, we are able to offer specific measures in relation to minor issues as well as pivotal elements at very short notice. Contract management and review of the procurement contract is a strategically crucial function, which is often overlooked in public procurements, both from a legal and a commercial perspective.

We provide active contract management and review to ensure contractual deliveries and concrete guidance on how the transaction can develop during its term within the existing legal framework. In relation to disputes, we advise suppliers and contracting authorities in order to secure an optimal outcome for the client. We advise on all matters in relation to litigation and disputes, including risk management and case assessment and evaluation, representation of suppliers and contracting authorities in cases regarding appeals, damages and award damages. We have extensive experience of advising both suppliers and clients, as well as a genuine interest in the legal area.

Our experts in this practice group are consistently top-ranked in relevant leading market publications such as Chambers Europe and Legal500.

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