Since the mid-nineties, Sweden’s energy market has been extensively deregulated.

Today, it is largely a competitive market but still features natural monopolies, such as networks, and accordingly there is still a regulatory requirement. Alongside this, a major shift is taking place in the global energy market, which has quickly changed the playing field for operators. This involves political changes, fast integration of renewable energy, major price fluctuations in non-renewable energies (such as oil and gas) as a consequence of falling international demand, changing attitudes to nuclear power and changes in tax rates. We work closely with several of Sweden’s major energy companies, international infrastructure funds and other investors in the energy market. As a result, we have in-depth knowledge of the energy market and it’s regulatory framework.

Cederquist has extensive experience advising Swedish and foreign operators in the energy market. Our advice includes everything from corporate acquisitions to infrastructure investments and financing solutions, both in traditional energy types and rapidly-emerging renewable sources. We have also worked extensively on investment projects within renewable energies and the specific permit- and property-related issues that form part of the picture. Having advised on projects involving regulated network activities (e.g. power and gas and district heat distribution), we have gained detailed knowledge on the constant changes of price regulation models applicable to the different energy fields. We have also been involved in resolving a large number of disputes in the energy sector, comprising everything from connection fees to major disputes on various energy-related matters.

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