Food Industry

Among the tough challenges facing the food industry are a highly competitive market, ever-increasing customer expectations and the growing complexity of the regulatory environment.

This is an industry with a slow market, a very large number of operators and an even-greater production capacity. Food imports are on the increase while exports are falling. Retailer brands have further accelerated the competition.

To meet these challenges, food businesses must constantly improve efficiency. Online shopping has a part to play in improving efficiency, as an increasing numbers of consumers buy groceries online. A focus on improved efficiency in logistics chains and distribution also follows in the wake of digitalisation.

Many operators in the industry also invest in branding and new innovative marketing methods to face intensifying competition. Other ways of improving competitiveness include finding ways to add value for customers by e.g. offering special products and highly processed foods, an area often involving food regulatory issues.

Cederquist has assisted several well-known companies in the food industry for many years, and our clients include small, local food producers as well as multinational food processors and large global retail companies. We advise our clients on all matters from IT and e-commerce related law, intellectual property law and market law, contracts, corporate acquisitions, and not least complex competition law and food regulatory matters. Our advice is based on our knowledge of the industry and the challenges facing our clients.   

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