Forestry & Mining

Forestry and mining has been called Sweden’s backbone and is an important part of the country’s basic industry.
Internationally, these industries have a reputation for delivering high-quality products in a competitive market. In recent years, the global market has been highly volatile, which has given rise to a demand for restructuring to achieve consolidation.

Cederquist has gained significant knowledge of the forestry and mining industries by advising both Swedish and foreign stakeholders, including some of the most influential operators in the Nordic region. In forestry, we have a particularly well-developed expertise in the paper and pulp industry, having worked with several major producers.

We advise our clients on M&A, financing, major investment projects and various collaborations. We also assist in other matters regarding purchase and sale agreements, standard agreements and other more complex contractual negotiations. In this context, we have built a significant expertise in relation to complex “carve-outs”. This may involve parts of industrial combines, planning, licenses and permits or complex issues surrounding the provision of security for financing. We have been deeply involved in most of the financial reconstructions in the mining industry in recent years and the consolidations in the forest and paper industry.

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