Infrastructure & Transport

Cederquist has extensive expertise in giving legal advice to actors in the infrastructure and transport sector.

Sweden’s infrastructure is still largely owned by the public sector, with a small number of private infrastructure projects. Apart from pure construction investments, the range of infrastructure investments is therefore rather limited. However, long-term infrastructure projects with a stable yield are in high demand among both Swedish and foreign pension funds, as well as other long-term financial actors. They are also interested in similar assets in transport, energy, water and waste management. The deregulation of the Swedish market in relation to passenger and goods transports has resulted in several new, international operators. As a result, former Swedish industrial monopolies have become competitive markets. There are many operators today who are able and willing to provide railway and airport services.

Cederquist has extensive expertise in giving legal advice to actors in the infrastructure and transport sector. We have worked closely over many years with several of the foreign infrastructure funds that have invested in private projects in industries such as rail transport and energy. We have also represented multinational operators in various projects relating to management and operation of Swedish public rail transport.

We also have experience in assisting competitors of the previous monopolies in the air and rail industry. We assist clients based on our considerable experience in public procurements and transport regulations. Our litigation team is experienced in relation to construction law cases in major infrastructure projects in many industries. Our financing team has participated in most of the public-private infrastructure projects completed in Sweden. Overall, our competence in this field is unique.

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