Real Estate Transactions & Construction

The commercial real estate market in Sweden and Europe has experienced significant growth in recent years.

Both Swedish and international investors have perceived new potential in a positive market with high construction and planning needs and a series of large-scale, complex transactions have followed in quick succession. This has created a dynamic and active market. 

Cederquist has worked on several of the largest and most complex real estate transactions in Sweden and we also advice our clients on an ongoing basis. We have long-standing experience in real estate and are able to consult on complex and challenging transactions and construction law matters as well as all legal aspects of purchasing, selling and possession of properties. We advice both in relation to direct ownership, or ownership through companies or fund investments.

Thanks to our broad and in-depth competence, we offer comprehensive advice with expertise in everything from complex structuring and financing to more specialised issues relating to e.g. tenancy rights.  We also assist our clients with construction and development projects, planning and construction issues, green leases, easements, dispute resolution, property formation and other issues.  We manage and coordinate the transaction process with a commercial focus and efficiency and are truly passionate about bringing our clients’ transactions to a close. Thanks to solid knowledge combined with commitment in our day-to-day work, we always deliver a high quality, cutting edge service, with customised solutions designed to meet our clients’ very high expectations.

Our clients include several leading Swedish and foreign real estate and construction companies, international investors, institutional operators and Swedish listed companies. We also assist domestic and international banks, investment banks, mortgage institutions and real estate funds, entrepreneurs and real estate companies in matters regarding real estate financing.

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