Retail & Consumer Products

This sector is continuously growing and evolving, changing faster than most could have predicted.

As a result of globalisation and digitalisation, operators in the retail market, as well as the agreements concluded by parties in the industry, are facing new challenges and requirements. Previously, delivery agreements were made between producers and retailers, whereas tripartite agreements are typically concluded nowadays, with direct deliveries from the producer to the consumer. This is necessary in order to deliver the products as quickly as consumers expect. Since most consumer products are currently delivered from countries outside Sweden and the EU, we must be able to consider and provide advice regarding not only domestic and EU regulations, but also international ones. Additionally, the rapidly growing world of e-commerce raises new legal issues that must be addressed.

Cederquist has represented major operators in the retail industry for many years, such as producers, distributors and major retail chains. We guide our clients through increasingly complex and changeable national and international regulations. We help them identify and limit business-related risks in commercially viable way. We advice on all types of contractual issues, but also issues relating to competition law, market law, parallel imports and public procurement. We also represent clients in disputes with contractual parties and authorities.

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